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Kanto YU2 Powered PC Gaming Stereo Speaker System (Coming Soon)

RM 956.00 RM 1,260.00

Looking to step up your desktop audio setup to something much more than Logitech speakers in Malaysia? Shop Kanto YU2...

Kanto YU Warm & Musical Sounding Powered Speakers (Coming Soon)

RM 1,125.00 RM 1,255.00

Looking for a warm & musical sounding HiFi bookshelf speakers in Malaysia? Buy Kanto YU Active (Powered) Desktop Speakers Online...

Kanto YU4 Active Speakers with Bluetooth & Phono Preamp (Coming Soon)

RM 1,550.00 RM 1,750.00

Not only is the Kanto YU4 a great bookshelf speaker in Malaysia, but you can pair them with a turntable...

Kanto YU6 Wireless Speaker System with Phono Preamp (Coming Soon)

RM 1,800.00 RM 2,350.00

Looking for a high quality powered bookshelf speakers with Bluetooth and built-in preamp in Malaysia? Buy Kanto YU6 2020 Best...

2020 Kanto TUK Most Modernist Premium Active Speakers (Coming Soon)

RM 3,545.00 RM 3,998.00

Kanto's flagship powered speakers, Kanto TUK modern & minimalist design sells itself. You'll never be disappointed when you hear them....

2020 Best Compact Powered Kanto Subwoofer (Coming Soon)

RM 1,300.00 RM 1,450.00

Buy Kanto's compact powered subwoofer features an 8" front firing woofer that's driven by a 125-watt RMS amplifier, ideal for...