2020 Best Budget Headphones Review: Monoprice Modern Retro Over-ear

2020 Best Budget Headphones Review: Monoprice Modern Retro Over-ear

Are these the most affordable HiFi headphones you'll get in Malaysia?

Are you a headphone enthusiast and enjoy immersive music listening experience? Looking for an affordable, everyday headphones that delivers great sound quality? We believe the budget-friendly Monoprice Modern Retro Over-ear Headphones fits the bill. This article highlights its audio performance, design and build quality, price structure, comfort level, user reviews and where you can buy the Monoprice headphones in Malaysia. Continue reading ... 

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Where is Monoprice based, and is Monoprice headphones any good?

Monoprice is a renowned American online retailer that is committed to offering exceptional and quality consumer electronics as well as "audiophile" grade equipments. Founded back in the year 2002. it has made its name by offering adapters, cables, headphones, speaker systems and other audio accessories. The company's goal is to make high quality products at affordable options. Today, Monoprice is a brand that's loved by most tech geeks around the world.

“Monoprice provides unbelievable and incredible features in its headphones that are difficult to find at such a low price range. Now, people are continuously complementing Monoprice for creating phenomenal audio gears!”

TechX Malaysia

Monoprice Modern Retro Headphones Review

What do you get with these headphones?

  • Replaceable ear pads
  • Self-adjusting headband
  • 50mm drivers
  • 9.8 feet cable
  • 512 g weight

Now, let's explore how these headphones sound

Monoprice modern retro over-ear headphones are one of the classic and budget friendly headphones on the market today. These headphones are gaining popularity among hip hop/pop/modern rock/EDM music enthusiasts for it's V-shaped sound signature - heightened/ elevated bass, recessed mids and heightened treble. In layman terms, this headphone has a strong bass with dynamic treble. It makes the midrange/ vocals appear slightly behind the bass and treble. 

The design of this headphone looks very close to the AKG headphones specifically the AKG K240 & K271. It is super comfortable and feels light. Comes with a soft ear pads that can be perfect for audio and video editing. The ear pads are also easy to replace as well. The size of the ear pads is such that it can fit on any set of ears. Moreover, these ear pads also provide enough isolation so that you can easily slip away from the world and focus on your task. 

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User reviews

“Love these headphones! The soundstage is massive. Everything has room to breathe, and imaging isn't half bad either. Bass, though not quite enough to rattle your brain lose, is exceptional.”

“Another great sounding product from Monoprice. Up till recently, I had been using the monoprice 8323 headphones which many people online are aware of a fantastic value for the money. When I saw that monoprice had a new set of headphones that closely resembled akg-style sets, I figured I should give them a try. I'm sure glad I did.”

“The headphones do sound "fun" to my ears for a 50 dollar headphone. Yes, they do have pretty wide soundstage. Yes, they are pretty bassy. Yes, they definitely benefit comfort-wise from the pad upgrade to the brainwave XLs.”

Where to buy Monoprice headphones in Malaysia?

If you are based in Malaysia and would like to buy the Monoprice Modern Retro Over-ear Headphones, head over to TechX Store. TechX is a popular & fastest growing HiFi/HT online retailer in Malaysia with 5-star reviews on Google. We are officially certified by Director of International Sales as an authorized distributor & reseller of Monoprice products in Malaysia. To get the Modern Retro Headphones online, please visit here. Plus, you can also visit our retail store based in Damansara Perdana to get a hands-on experience. 


Overall, the Monoprice Modern Retro headphones are light in weight, features a self-adjusting headband and delivers great sound quality for its price. Moreover, if you enjoy listening to hip hop/ pop/ modern rock/ EDM music genres, then you can't go wrong with this headphone. We genuinely believe its the best RM200-ish you'll spend on a HiFi headphone in Malaysia. Prove us wrong and we'll gladly refund you 100% + extra 20% of what you paid for the inconveniences. Stay Safe, TechX Malaysia | www.techxmalaysia.com

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