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2021 Best Gaming PC Speakers HiVi Swans GT2000

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Our take

HiVi Swans is a respectable HiFi manufacturer that continuously push the boundaries of quality over price ratio and value for money. So, when we were told HiVi is launching a new, exciting gaming PC speakers...you bet we were keen to get our hands on it. 

However there's a problem, our product reviews are starting to backlog faster than we can process them...how would you like to help us review this system?

Product details

GT series is a 2.1 active speaker system designed by Hivi Swans for the pursuit of game audio and video enthusiast. The first product, GT1000, has a modern cabinet design and provides a stunning audio and video experience, which has been favored by many desktop e-sports game players.

Today, the second-generation GT2000 series product is officially released, in addition to the continuation of the stylish and individual design, it also adds a more personalized and cool light effect. In addition, GT2000 is equipped with a new generation of speaker units and a more sophisticated built-in power amplifier circuit design. The cabinet combination is also more concise, and the input ports are more abundant, creating a fashion and game audio-visual listening tool for you.

 HiVi-Swans GT2000 is composed of two satellite speakers and an active subwoofer. The whole is made of black matte PVC material with a high-gloss panel. The subwoofer is designed with a front inverter tube and a specially customized "X" element. The satellite box uses The ingenious curve outlines the shape of the front grille, and the whole box has a unique and avant-garde shape and a full sense of design.

The GT2000 line elements are embedded with 4 cool light effects to choose from, namely purple, light blue, red and green. The light effect mode can also be switched through the wireless remote control: constant light, blinking, breathing light cycle

In addition to the stylish and cool shape, the configuration of the GT2000 speaker unit is also very good. The satellite box uses a 3-inch long-stroke mid-woofer and a 1/2" soft dome tweeter to form two two-way two-stage enclosed satellite speakers. Among them, this 1/2" soft dome tweeter, The diaphragm is made of high-strength PET material, the sound is sweet and delicate, and the optimized design of the magnetic circuit system makes the high-frequency hearing feel layered and rich in details.

The 3-inch mid-woofer equipped with GT2000 adopts a long-stroke linear displacement design. The diaphragm is made of pulp mixed material. The frequency response is wide and flat. At the same time, it also has good damping characteristics, which makes the unit transient during sound playback. The response and details are more outstanding.

The independent long-stroke active subwoofer is one of the highlights of GT2000, equipped with a 6.5-inch active subwoofer, which is specifically responsible for responding to frequencies below 140Hz. The unit uses a paper diaphragm with a natural rubber folding ring, which can withstand the pressure on the diaphragm inside and outside the box in a large dynamic working environment, thereby driving the air more freely and easily restoring the real and shocking low-frequency scenes.

GT2000 has a complete range of wired and wireless input modes, among which the wired input modes are line input, optical input, and coaxial input. Users can connect traditional audio-visual equipment such as computers through traditional line input/optical fiber/coaxial to realize high-quality lossless audio transmission. The wireless input mode is equipped with a new generation 5.0 Bluetooth module, a high-stability Bluetooth chip, and supports aptX HD, so that the speaker has the same Hi-Fi sound quality in the Bluetooth mode, which is suitable for direct connection with various smart mobile devices, eliminating redundant wiring, Enjoy wireless music anytime. In addition, Hivi has also configured a full-featured wireless remote control for users, which can be easily clicked to switch the transmission mode, making it easier to listen to the sound.

GT2000 built-in professional digital power amplifier module, equipped with professional digital processing DSP chip produced by TI Texas Instruments, uses its miniDSP function to independently perform electronic frequency division and dynamic management on the subwoofer channel and the mid-treble channel to achieve precise control of frequency distribution. Fully digital power amplifier drive, equipped with professional digital power amplifier modules produced by TI Texas Instruments, independent control of the subwoofer and satellite box, sufficient energy. In addition, the subwoofer is independently driven, using a more luxurious PBTL connection (parallel bridge), with more sufficient power reserve, and low frequency shock, creating an immersive listening experience.

As an extension of the Swans GT series, GT2000 embodies the characteristics of youth and fashion more vividly, stylish and unique design, cool and multi-color ambient lighting effects, and multiple light effect display modes to enhance the listening atmosphere at any time. The high-quality satellite speakers and 6.5-inch large-diameter subwoofer, complete and efficient input modes and high-power output are enough to meet the needs of listening to music, playing games, watching movies and other audio in the near field of the desktop, creating a stylish and HiFi game audio and video. Fan.

HiVi Swans 惠威-专注声音品质  

Tech specs

Series DSP 2.1 Multimedia
System Type2-way 2nd-order sealed speaker system
Drivers Configuration3in bass-midrange driver, 1/2" tweeter
Frequency Response140Hz - 20kHz (±3dB)
Rated PowerSatellite: 15W RMS x2
Dimensions (W x D x H)106 x 163 x 174 mm
Net Weight (each)Left: 1.1kg
Active SubwooferHiVi Swans GT2000UB
Frequency Range37Hz - 140Hz
Bass Tuning (±6dB)
Rated Power100W RMS
Dimensions (WxDxH)267.5 * 330 * 285mm
Net Weight9.7kg

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