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Affordable Power Amplifier with Subwoofer and Bluetooth Aiyima A02

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Support two input, one AUX input, connect wired analog signal input; another one Bluetooth wireless input, can connect with mobile phone, computer and other Bluetooth devices

Support the frequency adjustment of the subwoofer, you can adjust the bass frequency according to your needs

support the bass frequency adjustment of the left and right satellite boxes, making the left and right speaker output more playable; in addition, the left and right speakers can also be used when the subwoofer is not connected

Two pieces of TPA3116D2 , one for the left and right channel output, one for the subwoofer output, the Bluetooth part adopts the imported CSR8635 high quality Bluetooth receiver, and the internal uses 4 NE5532 op amps, 3 of which can be plugged and unplugged, which is convenient for customers to change different styles. Op amps, increase playability

Material, plug-in capacitors all use original imported goods, Japan NICHICON 6800uF large reservoir, ELNA audio coupling, black diamond filter RIFA EVOX filter.

2.1CH Bluetooth 5.0 Power Amplifier

Maximum support 50W (left channel) +50W (right channel) +100W (bass channel) three-channel output;Bluetooth 5.0/RCA Audio input selectable;A03 Bluetooth Stereo Amplifier Receiver is the perfect for your home audio needs!

With Subwoofer Output

This A03 Amplifier can gives you the power and versatility you need to create a professional 2.1 Channel sound system. Great amp to driver most home passive subwoofer.Let you enjoy the HiFi sound Music.

Bass/Treble control

With signal SUB volume/Frequency Control;All aluminum alloy shell have the nice touch,heavy gold PCB, Propersize with exquisite appearance, build quality is very powerful.

Precautions for use:

1. Do not use cheap audio signal lines These lines are not shielded by themselves. High-frequency noise will be introduced.

2. The correct order of use is to connect the power supply(Can use 19-24V laptop power) and the power amplifier first, and then let the power supply be connected to the mains Power socket .The wrong way is to first connect the laptop power to the mains mains power socket and then connect the laptop plug to the digital amplifier.

3. Use a power supply with as much current as possible. If you only use 2-3A power supply, the output performance will be greatly limited.

4.To have enough audio input and sufficient supply voltage/current, There will be enough output power.

5.The power supply voltage is higher and the relative power will be larger. The speakers with different impedances will have different output power.

6.In the case of sufficient voltage and current, the larger the ohms of the speaker, the smaller the relative sound power. Please pay attention!

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