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HiVi Swans D200 Best HiFi Powered Desktop Speakers in Malaysia

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Our take

Associated with top audio performance for years, the Hivi Swans encompasses everything good about the award-winning powered speakers series and then some. If you are in the market for a ~RM2k range Bluetooth Stereo Active Speakers, you'd be hard pressed to find a better option than the HiVi D200. Distinctive improvement in the sound separation, better bass and midrange.

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"The Swans D200 is our benchmark for powered speakers!" Thiban Chandra, TechX Co-Founder

Product details

The front of the HiVi-Swans D200 speaker adopts an irregular curved acoustic baffle, which extends to both sides of the box in the form of central axis symmetry, which is simple and neat in appearance. According to the Hivi engineer, every curved arc of the cabinet has been calculated and measured countless times, and finally realized such a whole body design, which can greatly reduce the diffraction of sound waves, so that the speaker can still maintain under large dynamic playback. Clear sound quality.

On the front is an equal magnetic field belt tweeter + 5.25-inch caliber woofer, which means this speaker has a clear crossover designed for different frequency bands. The side of the speaker is equipped with power/input mode dual-purpose adjustment, treble adjustment, bass adjustment three knobs and switching power supply, which is convenient for users to manually adjust in the near field environment.

In order to ensure the sound quality, the high and low bass adjustment is limited to ±3dB, and the user makes personalized adjustments while also ensuring the quality of the high-fidelity original sound.

There is a signal receiving window with HiVi-Swans swan logo on the front of the main speaker. By clicking the button on the back of the main box or the remote control, the input mode can be selected. At this time, the swan LOGO will show different backlight colors. 

By flipping the lever on the back of the speaker, we can choose the conventional tripod mode or desktop mode (FLAT) according to our live environment. The D200 has built-in two sets of DSP data so that the frequency response curve of the speaker can be flat in the two modes. Straight state. If you choose the desktop mode (DESKTOP) like we do, Hivi D200 will activate the built-in DSP desktop data mode, so that the speaker's screen frequency response curve is maintained flat, ensuring a balanced and stable high-fidelity audio experience. .

  • High Quality Dual Frequency Unit

    In terms of audio unit, Hivi D200 uses an isomagnetic band tweeter + 5.25 inch caliber woofer to combine high and low frequencies independently.

    It is worth noting that the isomagnetic band tweeter responsible for high frequency is generally only used in Hivi’s high-end products. It belongs to Hivi’s core patent advantage. It is now carried by all D series and is also a direct experience under high-end technology. People can trade a lower price for a better listening experience than in the past at the same price.

The top of the D200 is an isomagnetic band tweeter. It uses a thin and light Kapton material compounded with the diaphragm. This material can make the vibration mass lighter than the previous high-frequency vibration, and its transient characteristics far exceed the general tweeter. In addition, the visually rectangular design is also very recognizable. This diffuse acoustic horn design can ensure that the tweeter has lower distortion, better transient response, and lower audio distortion. It is also the repeated modification of the tuning by Hivi engineers. One of the excellent design results.

The lower D200 caliber 5.25-inch woofer uses a long-stroke displacement design, the diaphragm is made of aluminum-magnesium alloy material, with concave fatigue-resistant rubber edges, aluminum frame large voice coil design, copper wire voice coil wire and ferrite outer magnet Type magnetic circuit, the entire drive system has excellent resolution to audio signals and rapid transient response, ensuring that D200 can create a full and powerful, dynamic and powerful low-frequency effect, low frequency as low as 48Hz.

D200 built-in two high-fidelity high-power digital power amplifier modules, the treble part is independently driven by a class D digital chip, which contains audio DSP, which can carry out embedded miniDSP electronic frequency division, so that the sound is delicate and smooth during the amplification process.

The bass part Hivi D200 is driven by dual chips and has strong dynamic output capability. The continuous undistorted power of the left and right channels can reach 260WRMS. Users can experience the surging low frequency and sense of volume whether listening to music or watching movies.

Tech specs

HiVi Swans D200 Specification 

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