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Highly Popular Portable Hi-Res Bluetooth Receiver & Headphone Amplifier EarStudio ES100 in Malaysia

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Our take

Radsone ES100 is a phenomenal bluetooth receiver with excellent sound quality, good 3.5mm output power and powerful 2.5mm balanced output converted even its harshest critics into Bluetooth believer. 

Takes Bluetooth sound to the next level with its great dual AK4375a DAC, DCT technology that transforms 16bit into 24bit and L-DAC, aptX-HD, ... codec compatibility. 

Product details

About a third of the size of a credit card, the Radsone Earstudio ES100 Bluetooth DAC/amp is especially handy if you’re using an Apple or Android phone without a headphone jack. It's built with two high-quality AK4375a DACs and has both a 3.5-millimeter unbalanced output and a 2.5-millimeter balanced output. A proprietary DCT algorithm eliminates noises in digital sound sources and enhances 16-bit audio into high-resolution 24-bit audio. Connect the DAC/amp to your phone via Bluetooth and download the companion Radsone app for full control over your audio tuning. 

Overall sound impression

"Theorically bluetooth signal should sound inferior to direct connection to audio source, but in this case, as it use different high quality dac processing and amp module than stock one on your phone its really a game changer for must of phone but perhaps exceptional one with quad sabre dac like V20 or V30, but even them will not have as much amping power due to powerfull balanced output power of ES100. As well L-DAC is lossless processing for must 48khz 16bit flac music and lower rate one, so, this is litterally an audio revolution.

Balanced Output give the better sound performance by slightly improving resolution and overall clarity due to lower THD and blacker noise floor, but 90% of the time I use unbalanced output for simplicity and versatility as well as because I do not need high amping power form my iem, so impressions are with unbalanced output using 48khz flac and 320kbps mp3.

I will describe overall sound processing of dual AK Dac as extremely well layered, smoothly detailed and wide sounding with lot of extra deepnest to it. It have the capacity of extraction more sound info and give extra excitment to the music you think you know, like if a veil was pulled off wich permit you to perceive whole audio range of your favorite music without it feel artificial or too analytical. As well, I feel it give extra energy and dynamic to the sound, especially mid bass that feel more controled and way less boomy than lot of phone audio, like my G6 or even more my Ipod touch. In some way, if you do not listen to wide music style, perhaps the audio revolution you get will be minimal, but with great quality recording it is an evidence that this bluetooth receiver can transform your music into audiophile experience mustly seen in good quality DAP.

As said, with balanced output it take audio quality to an even more pristine level of clarity and dynamic, so if you have iem with detachable cable, order some 10-30$ balanced cable from Aliexpress ASAP! You will be utterly happy of little extra investment." 

Head-fi user (NymPHONOmaniac)

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