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Ruark RS1 Subwoofer

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Our Take

Delivers deep bass that smaller speakers are unable to, giving a more satisfying and realistic audio experience. This is so easy to setup and use and does just what I want. It is in a normal sized living room and not played particularly loudly and just gives the sound that bit extra bass. Looks great to

Product Details

Ruark RS1 Subwoofer

The Foundation of Music

Bass is the foundation of music. It is the element that makes you feel the rhythm, the groove, and the emotion of a song. Bass can make your heart beat faster, your body move, and your mood change. Whether you listen to rock, pop, hip hop, jazz, or classical music, clean and extended bass adds a new dimension to musical enjoyment and that’s why we’ve developed RS1.

Lead Grey cabinet cloth with Rich Walnut top and bottom panels

Controlled Delivery

The enjoyment of music is at the core of our designs. RS1 is not about thunderous, overblown bass, but about deep, controlled, and most importantly a musical sound. To achieve this, the enclosure and custom drivers have been optimised and tuned to deliver natural extended bass, that is fast and rhythmic.

Driving the system is a powerful 100-watt Class D amplifier. This new generation amplifier keeps firm control of the bass driver at all volume levels with headroom to spare, although soft clipping is built in should the system ever be overloaded to avoid damage. Setup and adjustment is straightforward and with auto-on/standby, RS1 will automatically turn itself on and off as required.


Developed Through Demand

Our reason for the development of RS1, was due to the demand from customers requesting a companion sub for our award winning MR1 Bluetooth speakers. We also saw that there was a need for a subwoofer with style. Where many subs look unattractive in a domestic environment, the tailored grille and hand-crafted wood panels of RS1 means it fits seamlessly with other furnishings, making it a product that customers will be proud to display in their homes.


Ruark RS1-WAL Subwoofer - Walnut - Adams and Jarrett

Enhancing Your Experience

RS1 delivers deep bass that smaller speakers are unable to, giving a more satisfying and realistic audio experience. It’s a perfect addition to our MR1 and R3S models or indeed any other system where a subwoofer with style and good sound is required, providing the joy of bass in every note and song.


Ruark RS1 Subwoofer


Tech Specs

Features at a Glance  
Frequency response 25Hz – 200Hz
Tuned passive radiator enclosure
170mm treated fibre long-throw active driver and 170mm passive radiator
100W RMS Class D with soft clipping filter
Adjustable crossover 50–180Hz, input/volume level control and 180 degree phase switch
Auto on
Automatically turns on and sleeps after 15 minutes when no signal is detecteds
Input Sub-input via Mono RCA input (up to 2.3Vrms)
Lead Grey cabinet cloth with Rich Walnut top and bottom panels
Product compatibility
RS1 is compatible with our MR1, R3S and R410 models or any other active speaker or amplifier with subwoofer or pre-out phono connectors
Box contains
RS1 subwoofer, mains lead, 1.5m RCA connector lead and quick start guide
Power consumption 0.5W standby, 2.0W idle
AC power input  100-240V, 50-60Hz
Product dimensions  H300 × W250 × D265mm (inc. feet and controls)

Product weight 



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