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Triangle Borea BR03 - HiFi Bookshelf Speaker

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Triangle Borea BR03

“Unlike quite a few price-comparable rivals, the BR03s don’t confuse excitement with shouting…their emphasis on drive, vigour, punch and all aspects of music-making can turn every tune into a party-starter. Their enthusiasm, verve and straightforward musicality makes them an intriguing choice. And, as is obvious by now, any shortfall in perceived quality is more than made up for in straightforward quantity.” - HI-FI+

Reviewed in HI-FI+ Issue 180


A bookshelf design to be placed on a dedicated stand (S02 or S04), the Borea BR03 is equipped with a 25mm EFS silk dome tweeter and a 16cm midrange/bass driver.

The untreated cellulose paper membrane, developed for the Esprit Ez series, confers a natural sound with no coloration. The vocal range keeps all its intensity and the low frequencies their usual dynamism without ever generating listening fatigue.

This size is especially recommended for dedicated listeners looking for the performance of a floorstander in a compact design. From the very first notes, the BR03 impresses with its energy, delivery of deep notes and power handling.

This speaker will fit perfectly in rooms ranging from 15 to 30m2.

Product Details



Borea loudspeakers benefit from research and innovations from the Esprit Ez range for uncompromising sound reproduction.


The tweeter of the Borea range is equipped with a next-generation system called EFS* (Efficient Flow System).

It is based on the association of a 25mm silk dome, known for its neutrality, with a phase plug developed specifically to homogenize high-frequency diffusion. This system significantly reduces the directivity regardless of your listening location in the room.

The dome is placed inside the partial horn loading, reducing reflections and allowing a clear reproduction of the high frequencies. This transducer is powered by a neodymium motor generating high magnetic power in a compact size. It is coupled to a cooling system, ensuring a better power handling.


The Borea range, inheritor of the Esprit Ez technological innovations, also incorporates a midrange driver with a membrane made out of 100% natural cellulose paper, receiving no surface treatment. This paper membrane, unique to TRIANGLE, avoids any coloration of the intermediate frequencies, and transposes the voices with stunning realism and tonality.

In an ongoing pursuit of excellence, the profile of the cone was also redesigned to improve the rigidity and now provides an extended frequency response.


Significant research has been carried out to reduce internal vibrations in the cabinet. Unprecedented in speakers of this category, all models of the Borea range feature perforated internal panels in MDF & EVA foam, thus stiffening the transducer/cabinet combination.

At the end of each internal reinforcement, a high-density EVA foam gasket ensures the contact between the motor of the transducer and the reinforcement. The vibrations of the driver generated by the suspension of the membrane are greatly mitigated, the latter transmitting a low residual vibration to the cabinet.


Each speaker of the Borea range has its own decoupling system.

The bookshelf and the center channel models are equipped with rubber pads, protecting your speakers and limiting vibrations transmitted.


All speakers in the Borea range have a magnetic protective grill, showing no visible inserts or screws. It is recommended to remove the grills when listening to the speakers, as they can impact the sound.

Content Pack

2 x Triangle Borea BR03 Speakers

2 x protections grids

8 x adhesive rubber plots

1 x user manual

Tech Specs

TypeBookshelf Speakers
Driver16cm Midrange / Bass 
Tweeter25mm EFS Silk Dome Tweeters
Power Handling (W RMS) 100
Optimal Impedance (Ohms)4.2 / 8
Sensitivity (dB/W/m)90
Bandwidth (+/- 3dB Hz-KHz) 46 - 22
Dimensions (LxHxP) (mm)206 x 380 x 314
Net Weight6.26 kg
Gross Weight16.64 kg

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